My time with Monster Hunter World


A couple of weeks ago, Monster Hunter World was released along side Dragon Ball FighterZ in the US… Japan had sense enough to wait a week to release DBFZ… That was a smart idea.

Capcom has slowly been making the game more accessible since Monster Hunter 4 was released and it’s been nice. Monster Hunter is usually known for it’s steep learning curve and difficulty. It’s mainly learn the Monster’s routine and animations, along with your own.

Monster Hunter is also a bit of a grind-fest, sometimes a bit tedious, but overall with good friend’s in tow, it can be a great time even through out all of the boring bits. I’m been playing Monster Hunter since Monster Hunter Freedom on the PSP… playing it by myself was a real drag… I didn’t have anyone to play with until the next iteration of the game Freedom Unite.

One new feature that I really like the the Hunter Rank (HR) system. You can now level it up through the Village Quests! That alone had been making keeping up with certain friends really easy.

Monster Hunter: World_20180204094301

My Guild Card

With things like bounties and anytime expeditions, there’s a lot to keep you occupied. Even though there’s been times where I felt like I was burning myself out, I’ve managed to end up playing through it without fatigue. I think that I’m just hyped for the free DLC that they are releasing for this game.

While in Monster Hunter, I mostly stick to two or three weapons, I’ve been expanding my arsenal horizons with this game, as most weapons are really fun to play around with! Hammer is usually a weapon I never touch, but this time a round I’ve been using it like a madman!

Monster Hunter_ World_20180202175731_

With all new updates and content coming out in the future it looks like a game that I can play for a long time. And if I’m being honest, I’ve been neglecting Dragon Ball because if this game as well…

Well, I’ll have more on Monster Hunter in the near future as I spend more time with the game, granted I’ve already spent more time playing the game than I’m willing to admit, and I haven’t played a game that’s done this in a long time.

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I’ll leave you guys with some screenshots of my recent adventures! Happy Hunting!