Pokemon Let’s Go

Heading back to Kanto! I’m a long time fan of Pokemon, my wife and friends will tell you that. My favorite game was Pokemon Gold, but the game I played the most of was Pokemon Yellow. I was absolutely enthralled by the series. It lead me to enjoyed monster-training/party-building RPGs. Knowing that, you’d probably guess […]

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Introspective : Dragon Ball Z

As little as I write on here, you might have noted that I really love the series Dragon Ball, and in particular Dragon Ball Z. There’s a love that I have for the story, that just resonates with me, much like my love for the X-Men series. It might seem like nostalgia, because I know […]

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Smash Direct 08.08.2018

Today was a big day for Nintendo fans and Castlevania fans as well. There was a Smash Ultimate Direct with a few new character reveals, and one of them is a character that I’ve wanted in Smash Bros since we got Sonic and Snake in Brawl. Through another fantastic trailer comes the reveal for Simon […]

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Gaming with a family

Last year I became a father… it’s been one hell of a transition as well. I haven’t had the time to play any of my console games the last six months. In fact, I’ve only bought a couple of games this year. My time hasn’t really been my own. Pretty much anything that I have […]

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My time with Monster Hunter World

A couple of weeks ago, Monster Hunter World was released along side Dragon Ball FighterZ in the US… Japan had sense enough to wait a week to release DBFZ… That was a smart idea. Capcom has slowly been making the game more accessible since Monster Hunter 4 was released and it’s been nice. Monster Hunter […]

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